Immune system is the defence system in our body

that helps to fight against viruses, bacteria, and parasites.

When we have low immunity, we may be facing various health issues: fall sick easily, indigestion, malnutrition, skin allergies, inflammation, wounds take longer time to heal and more. Wellous understands that the weakening of immune system has now become a common health concern for most of the people, therefore, we have developed Imuglo!

Imuglo is a formulation combining two legendary ingredients,

ideally designed for people who are living in the polluted environment with imbalanced diet!

Combination of cross century ingredients

Maritech® Organic Fucoidan

Extracted from mekabu seaweed from world's purest ocean water, Maritech® Organic Fucoidan contains more than 85% of bioactive compound! Moreover, no harmful residue is detected in Maritech® Organic Fucoidan extracted using Aqueous Extraction!

ElderCraft® European Black Elderberry Extract

The antioxidant content found in black elderberries is twice as many as most of the fruits, anthocyanins found is 5 times as many as blueberries and 8 times as many as cranberries! Other than that, Imuglo also contains other ingredients such as PUREWAY-C™ vitamin C lipid metabolites and Maitake mushroom mycelium extract.

Maritech® Organic Fucoidan
ElderCraft® European Black Elderberry Extract
PUREWAY-C™ vitamin C lipid metabolites
Maitake mushroom mycelium extract
Mixed fruit juice

Direction for Use

Take one sachet daily