About Us
Wellous was established in 2016, being the forefront player in distributing beauty and functional food products to all corners of the world. Started with a humble beginning, Wellous aims to bring quality and innovative products for people from all walks of life. Uniqueness in creation and development is our main consideration when looking for our manufacturing partners. We also use the most stringent specifications to ensure high-quality control so as to provide assurance and ultimate satisfaction for all customers. Our belief in making life convenient and easy is what we stand firm and thus, all product ranges come in easy form of consumption method yet highly effective in results. Ultimately, we are the trendsetter in making healthcare affordable and beneficial. In Wellous, we work as a family to bring out the best for your health.
Brand vision
We envisioned to be the Caring Company that helps our consumers to achieve their optimum health, by living up their best version of life, to love life & live well.
Brand mission
We are dedicated to deliver the best to our consumers and nothing less, with our top notch standard to produce premium products using quality ingredients which are clean, scientifically proven & promote sustainability.
CEO’s Note
“Our ambition is to be the number one in health supplement industry and we are more than ready to take the world. ”

As a leading functional food and food technology company in Malaysia, we put our heart and soul to make your life better. On a simpler definition, we want you to lead a healthier and prettier life from the inside out.

Why are we different? Quality, efficacy and consistency are the vital key elements that go beyond our limits at work. In significance, we source for the best raw materials locally and internationally, ensuring that we achieve the ideal standard. In fact, our effort goes as aligned with the mother nature that buries many hidden treasures and ingredients. By using the most innovative and advanced technology, we have been successful to maximise the values and benefits of the precious ingredients in our products. Of course, we are more than proud to announce a range of products made available in the market now. Nonetheless, our journey knows no halt as we are developing a wide array of series of premium products to cater to the needs.

As a homegrown Malaysian brand since 2016, Wellous aims tobecome the top functional food company in online market worldwide.

Since 2018, Wellous has thrived to set footprints in neighbouring countries, reaching out to more potential consumers. To facilitate our cross-border market expansion plan, we will participate in more collaborations with experienced medical advisors from different background and expertise.

We have also established Wellous We Care, a foundation that aims to lend a hand to the needy during their hard times. As we built the foundation, we aim to spread love and care by giving back to the community as we believe it leaves great and positive impact.

In short, Wellous is a ready-platform for the health-conscious community to obtain and share professional health related advice and solution, making them appreciate their life and health, in a better way. After all, we believe health is what matters the most!
Medical Advisors
Dr Amir Farid
Wellous Medical Advisor
“By working hand in hand with Wellous, I believe that we can help to reduce the health diseases by raising the awareness of the public”

Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist
Specialist Qualification:
• National University of Singapore
• Royal College of Obstetrician & Gynaecologist (London)
Focus in Anti-aging, Aesthetics and Holistic Integrative Medicine
Special interest in Hormone Optimisation and the Reversal of Chronic Diseases
Consultant to the Health and Beauty industries for over 2 decades
Former Health Columnist for The Sunday Star for over 10 years
Mr Kelvin Yap
Wellous TCM Advisor
“With Wellous, I believe that our expertise will slowly turn Traditional Chinese Medicine into a widely accepted form of treatment, hence benefit the society.”

Third generation of a TCM family, always ambitious to be a TCM practitioner
Graduate from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, major in Chinese Medicine
Worked as an intern doctor for 2 years in Shanghai Shuguang Hospital, handled more than 500 cases
Organised numerous medical volunteer programs to help the needy as a gesture of returning to the society
Brand Promise
Kindness and Love
In Wellous, we share and care for mankind. As we stand on the philosophy of being kind, filial and benevolent, Wellous understands that your health is the ultimate priority and we are committed to bring happiness and joy to you.
Close to You
We make our products reachable to serve everyone who needs it. We understand the trouble to search and source for good products and thus, we reach out to you, wherever you are and whenever you need.
Cost-Effective Quality Products
We emphasise on being the driver and promoter of high-quality products and we do not bargain on that. By using innovative high-technology in production, we are able to maximise the effect of each raw material to achieve optimum results and pass the savings to the consumers. Thus, Wellous delivers cost-effective products with excellent desired effects and functions.