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Enjoy using phone in the dark? Beware of blindness and glaucoma!
Date: 28/09/2020

In the era of Internet, most of us are highly attached to our smartphones. We have been spending 8 hours in a day staring at our laptops and monitors while working, but we still choose to continue to torture our eyes by playing games, watching drama or even simply scrolling through the Facebook at night. What's even worse is that many of us enjoy using phones while lying in bed with the light off! 

There are plenty of researches done by scientists in regards to the harmfulness of using phones in the dark, let's continue reading to find out what consequences can such habit cause!

Dry eye syndrome:

When we are staring at our phones, we tend to focus on the content too much that we will blink our eyes less often and eventually cause drier eyes. Moreover, staring at screen in the dark will also reduce the moisture level in our eyes, it can result in dry eye syndrome in long-term. The symptoms of dry eye symptoms include eyestrain, stinging sensation in eyes and dry eye.

Cause blindness and glaucoma:

Using your eyes in the dark will force the pupils of your eyes to dilate for a long time, causes the circulation of fluid inside your eyes to get blocked, that will then lead to the occurrence of glaucoma. There are two types of glaucoma: open-angle and angle-closure, using phones in the dark may trigger the development of angle-closure glaucoma. If the eye pressure is not being controlled, glaucoma can cause nerve damage and may lead to severe consequence which is blindness.

Poor sleeping habits:

Have you ever felt that you find it hard to fall asleep after using phone before sleep? That is because the blue light emitted by your phone can keep your sympathetic nervous system active, making it difficult for you to fall asleep and eventually affect your sleep cycle. 

We know using phone in the dark and using phone before sleep is not a good habit, but somehow we just refuse to change. If you always find it hard to break the habit, you may try the below methods to reduce the damage to your eyes.

Method 1: Bedside lamp

We understand that it might be hard for you to get down from your bed to switch the light off after using your phone, this is why many of us prefer switching the light off beforehand and using phone in the dark rather than getting out from the warm and comfy bed afterwards. You can actually get a bedside lamp to solve the issue, place it somewhere near and reachable to you! When the brightness of your phone is somewhat closer to the brightness in your room, it can definitely reduce the damage to your eyes.  

Method 2: Do not use your phone while lying down in bed

Using your phone while lying down can cause eyestrain and cause discomfort on your elbows and neck, it may also reduce your sleepiness overtime. If you really wish to use you phone in bed, try to sit on it instead, practise the habit of "it's time for me to sleep whenever I am lying down".

Method 3: Adjust screen brightness

Many of us love adjusting our screen brightness to more than 50% for visual enhancement. However, this could be harmful to our eyes, try to reduce the screen brightness or enable the "eye comfort" mode in setting if your phone is capable to the function.

Method 4: Limit your screen time

Limit your screen time, for instance limit yourself to only using phone for an hour at night daily. Do remember that your eyes have been working for you for a long day, so stop torturing them! 

Start practising the habits of "not using phone while the light is off", and "it's time to sleep once the light is off". Regardless of working, studying, eating or playing, eyes are playing a very important role in our life, they are strong but also weak at the same time. To enjoy the goodness of the eyes, we have to ensure we always take good care of them. Other than your eyes, attaching or relying too much on your phone for entertainment can also cause negative impacts to your hands and neck. Not to forget, do consult doctor immediately if you have any discomfort on your eyes!

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