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Insomnia can be a symptom of mental illness! 6 Tips to help you sleep better!
Date: 25/09/2020

Insomnia has become a very common sleeping disorder these days, however, there are many reasons behind insomnia, and mental stress is one of the most typical factors. In fact, insomnia may also be the early symptom of mental illness! According to a recent research, it shows that there are more than 50% of patients with insomnia problems who visited clinics, were diagnosed with mental illness in the end. If you often encounter the issue of insomnia, you should take it very seriously and find out the root cause in order to eliminate the sleeping disorder! You may also try the below methods to help you sleep better:

6 Tips to improve your sleep quality!:
Avoid daytime naps

People who suffer from insomnia often encounter the problem of daytime sleepiness, some chose to nap during midday, hence, it gets even more difficult for them to sleep at night! There is no way you can catch up on the lost sleep, but if you are really exhausted and out of focus on your work, you may rest with your eyes closed for not more than of 20 minutes, because a deep nap will make you insomnia at night later and cause the building up of a vicious cycle.

Avoid caffeine after midday

Some people like to drink a cup of coffee after lunch to refresh their mind, but that might be affecting your sleep at night too! Sleepiness in the afternoon is somehow caused by food coma, try not to eat too much during your lunch, avoid excessive carbohydrates and oily foods to prevent adding burden to your body that would eventually cause sleepiness!

Avoid using phone before sleep

The blue light from phone screen may trigger the activeness of our sympathetic nervous system, causing us to remain tireless and unable to fall asleep. Research shown that using your phone for 8 minutes can make you stay wide awake for at least an hour! Therefore, try not to use your phone before sleep after you lie down on your bed. 

Relax your mind before sleep

If you are an easily stressed out person and always overthink, you may try to relax yourself before sleep, such as listening to calming music, foot soaks, using relaxation essential oil or meditation. All these can help to calm our body and mind, hence, improve our sleep quality. 

Do not eat or exercise before you sleep

You might have heard of exercising can help us to sleep better, but not in the late evening! We should exercise in the morning, if you do so 2 to 3 hours before you sleep, you may find it hard to relax your mind and also to fall asleep. You should avoid eating before bedtime too, try to eat your dinner before 7pm, if you feel hungry before you sleep, you may drink a glass of warm milk.

Do not force yourself to sleep

The harder you try, the harder it gets. It is not right to force yourself to sleep because it will only stress you out. Try to relax your body and mind in order to fall asleep peacefully.

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that will make one dozes off during work and unable to concentrate on their tasks, it may highly affect one's work performance and social life. Life is always filled with ups and downs, you can try writing down 3 things that make you happy every night before bed, it may help you to remember the little things that cheer you up, eventually help you to sleep better. Lastly, do consult doctor if your insomnia problem persists, and remember do not take sleeping pills without doctor's advice! 

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