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Enhance Immune System Naturally with These Natural Foods!
Date: 18/11/2021

Enhancing immune system is never a simple task, but it is not as difficult as we thought either! Our body will be more vulnerable to pathogens when our immunity is low, hence resulting in reoccurring flu and fever, weak digestive system, easily get tired, wound infection, frequent lethargy and more. To enhance immune system, other than consuming appropriate amount of health supplement and practise good lifestyle, you may also start with healthy foods!

The 5 natural foods below have been proven scientifically with its efficacy in boosting our immunity, let’s add these into your daily diet!


People often love but also hate garlic at the same time, although it can help to enhance the fragrance and flavour of the dishes, but it tends to cause bad breath, therefore, the garlic lovers have no choice but to control the amount of consumption. However, research shown that garlic can help to control blood pressure and cholesterol level, as well as strengthen the immunity, 


The uses of ginger are widely known to the people even for those who never cook. Ginger plays an important supporting role in various dishes, always well-known for its ability in removing the smell and odour from fish and meat. Ginger is good in increasing our metabolism, reducing inflammation and pain. Usually drank by women to ease menstruation discomfort, ginger tea that is added with honey can also help to relief sore throat and flu. Some said that ginger can help to get rid of the bad breath caused by garlic, let’s try it today!

Dried goji berry

As a common herb, dried goji berry can often be seen in desserts and dishes. Goji berry contains high content of Vitamin C, Vitamin B, minerals and other nutrient, effectively help to prevent flu. Try to add some goji berry to your tea, soup or dessert to enjoy the nutritious goodness from it.

Chia seed

Chia seed became very popular in Asian countries since few years ago. Originated from Mexico, it is a superfood that is often eaten by the locals. The nutritional value of chia seeds is very high, it contains antioxidant and water-soluble fiber, every 100grams of chia seed contains similar amount of fatty acid that every 1kg of salmon fish is containing. Its vegetable fats is also twice as the other seeds. The texture of chia seed is very unique, adding them into yogurt, salad and desserts are the ideal options.  

Matcha powder

The antioxidant content of matcha powder is 20 times of pomegranate, it also contains natural free-radical scavenger, vitamins and minerals, could be a great substitutes to coffee in providing energy. Other than turning it into a drink, the beautiful color and the outstanding nutritional value also make it a great ingredient in baking, the healthy option of desserts are loved by many!

As you can see, foods that are beneficial in enhancing immune system can actually be easily seen and obtained, therefore, you have no more excuses from practising healthy diet. Stop consuming unhealthy fast food, exercise more often and consume unprocessed natural foods to stay healthy and light! 

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