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Stay Away from These 5 Foods! They Can Worsen Your Period Cramps!
Date: 25/09/2020

We often regard period as the "best friend" of a woman, indeed, having period once in every month for 7 days, period is undeniably a big part of a woman's life. Women are often told to stay away from certain foods and activities during period, such as avoid cold drinks, extreme exercise and cold bath. However, you should also avoid these 5 foods that would potentially make your period cramps worse!:


Consuming alcohol may deplete the vitamin B and minerals in your body, regardless of beer, white wine or red wine. Excessive alcohol will also disrupt the metabolism of carbohydrates and increase the level of estrogen in body, hence, worsen period cramp and affect the menstruation cycle. 

High-fat foods:

Beef, pork and lamb are considered as high-fat foods. Minerals in your body will be depleted when you consume too much of high-fat foods and trigger period pain.

Dairy products:

Dairy products such as cheese, cream, eggs, milk can affect the absorption of magnesium in body, and eventually worsen period cramps.


Caffeine can cause breasts pain, anxiety, depression and irritability, it may deplete the vitamin B in body and disrupt the metabolism of carbohydrates. Therefore, one should avoid coffee, green tea or any food and drinks with caffeine during period. 

High-sodium foods:

One should avoid consuming too much of high-sodium foods such as instant noodles, soy sauce and chips because high-sodium foods can cause breasts pain and bloating. 

However, everyone reacts differently towards different food, therefore, you should pay more attention to the foods that you eat during your period and observe the response from your body. Also, keep your emotions calm and ensure sufficient sleep. Menstrual fatigue happens before and during period, try to consume foods such as lean meat, pomelo, celery, seaweed, carrot, black fungus, mushroom, red dates to increase your red blood cells naturally. 

As mentioned, period is part of a woman's life, instead of blaming the pain and inconvenient it's bringing to you, why not choose to treasure and learn how to handle your period with minimum pain?

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