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World’s Suboptimal Health Population is as High as 75%! Are you one of them?
Date: 11/11/2021

Have you ever heard of suboptimal health? It is a term representing the intermediate state between illness and healthy, there may be no diagnosable illness but there are a range of uncomfortable health symptoms. Put it simply, you are sure that your health condition is no longer as healthy as before, but your health report shows that you are at a healthy state. According to the latest statistic, there are only as little as 5% of the world population are considered healthy. Excluded people who have diagnosed with diseases, the remaining 75% of the world population are at the status of suboptimal health! Suboptimal health is like a bomb that could be exploded anytime, if you leave your current health issues untreated or unimproved, there might be serious consequences!    

Although medical examination might not be able to detect the health status of suboptimal health, but you can check out whether you are having any of the 8 symptoms of suboptimal health below! 

Always tired 

Slept for 8 hours a day but still tired. Coffee is a must at work or else you will feel sleepy the entire day. 

Dizzy and forgetful 

If you think that you are becoming more forgetful these days, as serious as you tend to do something moments ago but forgot about that entirely right after doing something else. Moreover, unable to concentrate on things that you do, brain is not as sharp as before, and always have to put in great effort in order to figure out something.  

Poor sleeping quality 

Insomnia happens frequently, sleeping quality is relatively poor even after you successfully fell asleep. If you wake up tired and feel that you are not having enough sleep, it actually means that you had a poor sleep.

Skin problem 

Metabolism slows down, resulted in pale face and lips, dry skin and various skin problems such as fine lines, acnes, dark spots, and dull skin. 

Loss of appetite or strong desire for food 

Loss of appetite or strong desire for food is a common symptom of suboptimal health. Loss of appetite can be caused by minor triggers such as the weather is too hot or simply not in mood, some tend to have stronger desire for food.

Stomach bloating and constipation  

Constipation is a relatively common health issue that many are facing. When the food residues in the intestines are left for more than 24 hours without being excreted, that is considered the symptom of poor digestion and hormonal imbalance, hence resulting in multiple health issues such as skin problems or bad breath. 

Low immunity 

Always fall sick easily whenever there are slight changes in the weather condition, for instance frequent flu and fever, allergic reactions and more, all these are the signs of low immunity.

Bad mood 

Current life is filled with mood swings, irritability, sadness and depression. 

Suboptimal health is a widely seen health condition today, most of the urbanites are having more than half of the above symptoms. Although suboptimal health does not directly relate to severe illness, but do keep in mind that every disease begins from mild symptoms. Start practising a healthy and balanced diet, quit bad habits such as smoking and staying up late, exercise more often, eat lesser sweet and cold foods, and most importantly, relax your mind and body. Remain calm all time is one of the most important keys to stay away from illness! 

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