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Suffer from migraine? Here are 5 tips to relieve the pain!
Date: 25/09/2020

Have you ever experienced sudden severe headache, accompanied by extreme sensitivity to light and nausea? If you had the similar experience before or if you often encounter such experience, that could be migraine! Let us first understand what is migraine: migraine is a long-term neurological disease that can happen to anyone regardless of age including children. However, the risk of migraine in women is 3 times from men, especially during period and pregnancy, therefore, the doctors believe that there might be a close relationship between migraine and endocrine. In view of limited fund in research, the main factors and cure for migraine has yet to be studied.

Despite there is no specific scientifically-proven reasons behind migraine, but these are few of the common factors that believed to have triggered and stimulated the development of migraine: hereditary migraine, stress, endocrine disorders, unbalanced diet, lack of sleep, medication, etc. Also, some said that migraine is an early symptom of depression, therefore, you should pay more attention to your mental health if you are currently under chronic stress and anxiety.

When migraine happened, you may experience the symptoms of nausea, extreme sensitivity to light and feel like vomiting, severe throbbing pain or pulsing sensation. Such symptoms will usually last for few hours or even a day. If the pain is not too severe, you may rest in a dark room without any light source with your eyes closed, you will feel a strong relieve of pain after about half an hour. However, if your working condition does not allow you to do so but you do not want to rely on pain killer, you may try the below tips in easing the symptoms of migraine!

Tip #1: Comb and massage through your head

Spread and place your fingers on your head (painful area), massage back and forth like a comb for 100 times. Do it before your breakfast, lunch and dinner, you may feel the strong difference after a day.

Tip #2: Massage the temples

Massage the temples (side of the head, behind the eyes) every morning and before sleep, massage 7 to 8 circle clockwise and another 7 to 8 circles anticlockwise. Do it frequently and you will notice a major difference in your migraine issue.

Tip #3: Soak your hands in hot water

When migraine occurs, you may soak your hands in bearable hot water for about half an hour. By drawing the blood to your hands, it will ease the pressure on the blood vessels in your head and relieve the pain. 

Tip #4: Consume magnesium-rich food

Magnesium-rich foods are beneficial people who always suffer from migraine, therefore, you may include these foods in your diet to ease the pain: walnut, peanut, soybean, seaweed, orange, almond, green leafy vegetables and more.

Tip #5: Drink peppermint tea

Soak 15 grams of dried peppermint leaves in hot water, drink twice a day in the morning and night can help to relieve the symptoms of migraine.

Other than these, you may also practice a healthy lifestyle and diet such as ensure sufficient sleep, improve sleeping quality, monitor and reduce stress, etc., all these can contribute to the relieve of migraine in long-term!

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