Health Tips
This is Why You Need the Replenishment of Nutrients even if You are Healthy!
Date: 02/11/2021

Many of us thought that if we are healthy with no significant illness, we need not take any supplements, but this is not the main idea of dietary supplements. Dietary supplements are meant for healthy people who are potentially lacking of certain nutrients, while those who have illnesses should take medicine instead of health supplementary products. However, the question is that, if we are healthy, why do we still need supplements? That’s because living in a polluted environment, the water that we use and drink, the air that we breathe in, the soil that is used for plantation, are all being polluted and could bring along negative impacts to our health. Other than that, mental stress, staying up late, insomnia, imbalanced diet and more, are also slowly bringing harm to our health.

Let us continue to discuss the necessity of taking health supplements:

Lack of nutrition in daily diet

Most of the time we are unable to ensure the sufficient intake of nutrition that our body requires from our foods, especially those who are eating out. Everyone has the issue of food pickiness or favorable on certain foods and diet, this has been limiting us from maintaining a balanced diet, not to mention obtaining sufficient nutrition from foods. The cooking style and method can also affect the nutrient content in foods. Moreover, most of the fruits and vegetables are grown with chemical fertilisers today, according to the statistics provided by the US Food and Drug Administration, an adult consumes near to ten pounds of pesticides every year!

Some of the farmers may harvest earlier and lengthen the storage period due to the sustainability of their income, but that will eventually result in the losses of nutrients in fruits and vegetables. That literally means we might be only obtaining a very little amount of nutrients despite eating a large amount of fruits and vegetables. 

Poor lifestyle

If every healthy baby is born with a healthy index level of 100, then bad habits such as alcohol consumption, smoking, imbalanced diet, staying up late, lacking exercise, and more will indeed reduce the index over time. These bad habits are not only disrupting our work and rest cycle but also hinder the absorption of nutrients in the body, causing the degeneration of body organs and lead to various diseases.