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Persistent feelings of sadness? Understand the signs of depression!
Date: 28/09/2020

According to the recent statistic posted by World Health Organization (WHO), there are 3 diseases that deserve social attention in 2020, and depression is one of them. WHO estimated that there are a total of 350 million people suffering from depression in the world, and patients who committed suicide due to depression is as high as 1 million yearly! It is indeed an exaggerate figure, but there are plenty of people do not really understand what is depression all about, some might also mistakenly have thought it is a severe mental illness. Minimal knowledge towards depression is indeed the main reason why patients are not getting proper treatment in the early stage and end up committed suicide when their depression gone serious.

Family stress, financial stress, working stress and more, have been undeniably taking away part of the joy in our life, depression can happen to anyone including young children and elderlies. Depression can be classified into mild, moderate and severe (or major), although people with mild depression can still carry out their daily activities such as working and socializing, but there are obvious difficulties for them to complete their tasks, whereas severe patients mostly find it hard and mostly unable to fulfil any task.

Our life is always filled with emotions, there are of course both happiness and sadness, but somehow certain people are very sensitive towards their emotions and tend to magnify their sadness, hence, mistakenly thought they are having depression, and that will eventually lead to actual depression. Let's continue reading to find out what are the common signs of depression!

Persistent feelings of sadness

Always think that their life is filled with only sadness and emptiness. Some might remain emotionless even when they are alone, and some might be crying constantly almost every day. 

Anger and irritability

Feeling restless and get angry easily over anything. Everything and everyone can get on their nerves. 

Unexplained aches and health issues

Start to experience various unexplained body aches and issues such as headaches, back pain, muscle aches, insomnia, loss of appetite and more, some may also experience digestive problem. If such conditions have not been improved after treatments or medication, you may want to look into the possibility of depression.

Loss of interest in daily activities

Loss of interest towards activities or hobbies that used to spark joy in the past such as friends' gathering, shopping, baking, watching movies and etc.

Suddenly pay too much or too little attention to physical appearance

Some might be suddenly paying too much attention on their physical outlook to hide their sadness and insecurity, but some might no longer pay any attention to their clothing and hairstyle. 

Helpless and hopeless

Always think that nobody understands you, you feel that you can't see your future and there is nothing you can help to improve the situation.


You always can't find the value in yourself, strong feelings of worthlessness or guilt, always harshly criticize yourself over things.

Suicidal thoughts

Always feel that you are a non-important character in this world, you wish you could disappear from the world. If you have such thought, you are already at the severe stage of depression and you should start open up to the professional and get treatment immediately!

These are some of the common signs of depression, but the symptoms are always varying from one to another, some might seem healthy and happy in others' eyes but they are actually at the severe stage of depression. Other than yourself, do pay more attention to the mental health of your loved ones. Also, if you are currently taking care of someone who is suffering from depression, do not bear the responsibility on your own because depression can be transferred to you if you are constantly exposing to negative thoughts and vibes. Furthermore, do not make them feel like they are the helpless 'patients', instead, try to fit in their shoes and understand their difficulties, being a companion is important to them. Keep in mind that scolding and blaming are never the right solution for people suffer from depression, empathy is the key!

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